Founding of the "Aktiengesellschaft Passavia für Buchdruckerei und Immobilien" in Passau. In the same year, the company purchases the old book printing works, the origins of which go back to 1480. In its 25th year, the company is renamed "Buchdruckerei Aktiengesellschaft PASSAVIA“.

1940 – 1959

In 1943 PASSAVIA is closed down by the "Wirtschaftsgruppe Druck“. The workforce are used for the arms industry. After the end of the war, the first orders from the military government come in. In August 1945, the company is already printing five different American magazines.

1960 – 1969

At the beginning of the 60s, in 1961, the company changes its name to "PASSAVIA Druckerei-Aktiengesellschaft“. In 1963 the entire business moves to the new premises at Mollnhof.

1970 – 1979

In 1970 there were the beginnings of photo composition. The printing press passes through a transformation process from letterpress printing to offset printing. By the end of the decade, newspaper printing is stopped.


1990 – 1999

PASSAVIA relocated business in 1996 to Hutthurm near Passau. One year later, the company is taken over by Euro-Druckservice GmbH (EDS Group). In 1998, the two commercial printers belonging to the EDS Group, "Neue Presse Druckservice" and "PASSAVIA Druckerei" are unified under the name "PASSAVIA Druckservice" in the Passau industrial park Sperrwies.


2000 – 2010

In 2002, EDS founds Euro-Digital GmbH. Alongside the installation of the 7B machine, in 2007 large-format colour printing becomes the focus. Two years later, Euro-Digital is integrated into PASSAVIA Druckservice. Also in 2009 - following the FSC®/PEFC certification in 2008 - the preliminary stage is certified according to ISO 9000. In 2010 ISO 9001 and the certification for "climate-neutral printing" follow.



Introduction of a print process management system in compliance with the process requirements and guidelines defined in the Process Standard for Offset Printing ISO 12647.