• Peter Öller retires

    Sven Hochleitner and Bernhard Edlbauer are the successors

    Sven Hochleitner (oparations manager), Bernhard Edlbauer (printery manager), Peter Öller (former oparations manager), Dominik Metzler (managing director) and Harald Schlapps (chairman of workscouncil)
    Sven Hochleitner (oparations manager), Bernhard Edlbauer (printery manager), Peter Öller (former oparations manager), Dominik Metzler (managing director) and Harald Schlapps (chairman of workscouncil)

    After 40 years of working for the high quality printing-house PASSAVIA, Peter Öller reached his well-deserved retirement.

    In 1967 Peter Öller started his apprenticeship as a printer at Passavia. After a few short career breaks he has been employed as oparations manager until today.

    Dominik Metzler (managing director) and Harald Schlapps (chairman of workscouncil) thanked him for his longstanding solidarity and his tireless engagement.

    They both wished him all the best for his retirement – especially health. Supported by the „TASCHEN Verlag“, Dominik Metzler handed over one of the „Anny Leibovitz“ books (printed in 2014) – Öller’s „masterpiece“.

    50 customers and employees took part in the cheerful celebration, when Peter Öller gladly talked about his first moments at PASSAVIA.

    Some customers also call Peter  the „printing guru“. That is why Peter Öller will take an active part as advisor for PASSAVIA and its customers. Bernhard Edlbauer succeeds as printery manager and Sven Hochleitner as oparations manager.

  • Our new printing machine

    Our new printing machine

    Five-colour MAN - Roland 700 with paint unit

    Some basic data:

    • Operating speed up to 14,000 sheets per hour

    • Largest possible format 740 x 1040 mm

• Chromaticity: five colours + paint

• Grammages from 70 to 500 g/qm 

    NEW: It is now also possible at last for PASSAVIA to print the sheets with matt or gloss dispersion paint.

  • Art printer of the year 2013

    Art printer of the year 2013

    PASSAVIA Druckservice is art printer of the year 2013!

    The printing company from Passau receives this year’s Druck & Medien Award (Print & Media Award)

    Berlin/Passau, 12 November 2013:

    PASSAVIA Druckservice GmbH & Co. KG is the winner of the ‘Druck & Medien Awards 2013’, which were presented this year in Berlin. The Druck & Medien Awards are awarded annually in 22 categories at the award ceremony, which is followed by a gala. On Thursday, 7 November 2013 the finalists and winners were fittingly and exuberantly feted by around 500 guests.
    The Passau printing company PASSAVIA impressed the jury with its book ‘Waits/Corbijn’. The jury was made up of 26 neutral industry experts and specialists from the field of printing.
    This category appraises art prints and illustrated books that exhibit a very high printing quality and whose reproduction meets a high standard – it is concerned with the noblest products manufactured in the industry.
    The final judgement of the jury read: ‘Great quality, very good reproduction, high-frequency colours, maximum colour densities and very good further processing.’ All of those things helped the book win through against strong competition in the final.
    The photographer Anton Corbijn portrays the American singer Tom Waits in the 272-page photographic volume with decorative sleeve (format 25.5 x 36 cm). In a reversal of roles, Waits also stood behind the camera. The Munich publishing house Schirmer/Mosel commissioned PASSAVIA to produce a print run of 7,000 copies in highly pigmented duplex print.
    Constant striving for quality and innovation has brought PASSAVIA forward over a period of many years and, suitably for the 125th anniversary of its founding, also impressed in Berlin.




    PAN4C® printing procedure stands for a new dimension of offset print.

    With PAN4C® it is possible to print photographs in very high quality. The picture shows a very high depth and the image saturation exceeds anything what has been possible for prints until today.

    For the print, own, highly pigmented colors have been developed which reach a very high tonal value grading.

    Only with the interaction of primary stage, standardization, color and print, such images can be printed with such a quality.

    PAN4C® offers many advantages for you:

    • More depth of focus in the themes

    • More photo-realistic printing reproduction

    • Subjectively more excelsior colors

    • Optically higher contrast range

  • VIP visitor to Passavia Druckservice

    VIP visitor to Passavia Druckservice

    Anton Corbijn at the printing approval for his new book – WAITS/CORBIJN

    Photographs by Anton Corbijn/Curiosities by Tom Waits

    Waits/Corbijn celebrates an artistic co-operation that stretches back over 35 years – back to those first black-and-white photos that the young, still largely unknown Anton Corbijn took of Tom Waits in Holland in 1977. Corbijn then became famous for his iconic-puzzling portraits of musicians and other artists – from U2 and Miles Davis to Robert de Niro and Clint Eastwood to Damien Hirst and Gerhard Richter – and as a pioneer of music videos and, in recent years, an award-winning film director.