Part of our self-image as a full service partner is that our knowledge and skills from planning to printing results are at your service. We will also accompany you in particularly complex matters skilfully and will help to overcome any obstacles.
Analysis of production or ordering processes, the calculation of saving potential, possibilities for product optimisation, use of material, refinement or dispatch
- whatever your questions, we will gladly share our experience and will advise you personally and fairly so that your idea is implemented perfectly, from the first draft to marketing to the finished product.



An extract from our range of consulting services
to give you an idea:

  • PrePress (Aniva, Duplex, FM, Handshake)
  • Analyses of production and order processes
  • Calculation of saving potential for existing print products and processes
  • Image editing
  • Use of material
  • Website, video or audio
  • Planning and design of publicity measures
  • Industry and communication design
  • Composition and layout work
  • Data preparation and checking
  • Continuous colour management from data collection to printing
  • Scans, non-transparent and transparent templates, redigitisation
  • Database publishing
  • Binding, refinement, packaging, packing, personalisation, dispatch

Naturally, the services provided by the entire EDS Group over and above our diversified portfolio are available to you as well. Just contact us!