aniva® by Passavia

Impressively real. Unforgettably brilliant.

Images carry messages. They define our memories and our dreams, awaken our feelings and our attention. With aniva® printed images, a completely unknown dimension of expression is opened up to you: the process guarantees a brilliant, almost photo-realistic rendering and an extraordinary image effect:

  • aniva® enlarges the spatial effects always sought in printing
  • aniva® improves the grey balance
  • aniva® increases the 3-D effect of your images
  • aniva® guarantees a true-colour rendering even in poor light conditions

aniva® -technology: What it can do …

The amazing results by aniva® are achieved through an increase effect of depth and a photo-realistic print rendering with a experienced colour accuracy of 95%. The best starting point is the RGB colour space. The RGB colour space is converted into the aniva® colour space. The aniva® colour space is by comparison significantly larger than the colour space in the conventional European colour model space.  A conventional European colour model scale (CMYK) can be converted into the aniva® colour space accompanied by losses in quality. 

The plate copy is carried out in accordance with the PASSAVIA-aniva® standard by using a newly designed aniva® Euro colour. This special range of colours extends the area of concentration without any additional special colours. While traditional scale colours on coated paper reach an image range of 1.7-1.9 log. concentration, aniva®-Euro achieves a 2.1 to 2.2 log. concentration for the same paper quality. The composition of the colours enables high-fidelity printing for moderate printing costs.


A very highly saturated colour tone is achieved compared to traditional colour models. The printing machine parameters are considered according to the PASSAVIA standard in the preparation of proofs and in the plate copy. The entire process of the image via separation, proof, plate production and printing requires well-established preliminary stage expertise and agreed colour and quality management - an "all-round service" from the preliminary stage through to the finished product, which separates us from other providers.

... and how it came about
Already, between 1980 and 1990, in cooperation with Dieter Kirchner, colour manufacturers and PASSAVIA, the first tests regarding photo-realistic print rendering were carried out. The result showed that another type of lithography and special colours were indispensable.
From 1990 until 1995, PASSAVIA and the colour manufacturer K+E developed a more highly pigmented colour, the "Novaspace" range.
From 1995 onward, PASSAVIA, Dieter Kirchner (Novaconcept GmbH) and the colour manufacturer Epple GmbH pressed ahead together with this development, covering different processes. The digital printing preliminary stage was changed and attuned highly pigmented colours were developed. Passavia carried out the necessary printing tests for this.
Since 1999, various products have been produced in aniva® at PASSAVIA. The expertise matured over the years guarantees perfectly attuned processes and a high standard of quality.
In 2004 the aniva® colour system was standardised. A colour and quality management system protects all production lines independently of processes.